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Providing critical business intelligence to support our
clients’ global business goals.

KBH Global Enterprises provides a broad range of research and investigative services. We leverage our global network of regional market experts to gather critical business intelligence to support our clients’ global strategies.

Our relationships and experience developing a broad range of enterprises both overseas and in the United States will work to your advantage.

KBH Global can provide assistance in identifying commercial opportunities and formulating realistic strategies for penetrating new global markets and sustaining successful business and investment ventures throughout the world.

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Our Global Services
Research & Investigative Services

Due Diligence/Investigative

-Obtain market sales, production cost and shipping intelligence for sourcing, licensing and anti-dumping enforcement purposes.

-Perform due diligence analysis, asset searches and related research on potential partners and target companies or individuals.

-Monitor activities of manufacturers such as sub-contracting and out-sourcing that may adversely impact quality and on time delivery.

-Provide up-to-the-minute information from our in-country associates throughout the world. This information is critical for developing viable expansion strategies.

Advisory &
Commercialization Services

– Buy Side & Sell Side M&A
– Financing Transactions
– Global Market Acquisition Services
– Cost of Entry Analysis
– Market Timing Studies
– Due Diligence Reviews
– Transaction Processing
– Sale, Licensing Transactions

KBH Global Enterprises retains the vast majority of its earnings and opportunistically invests in companies where KBH company’s overall strategy.

– Capital 33
– America’s Favorite Cookies
– Computer Communications Consulting
– China Entertainment Fund

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